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Activewear Info

Welcome to ZYIA Active! My name is Erica, and I am an Independent Representative for ZYIA. I would love to share with you what makes being a Rep for ZYIA such a rewarding experience, and also a ground floor and unique business opportunity. When you join the ZYIA family and our team, you become part of an outstanding network of women that are here to mentor, motivate, and inspire one another. You control your business and choose how to best share our activewear in a way that makes sense for your busy lifestyle. We have representatives from every background imaginable, and the potential for growth and success within this market space is phenomenal!

A Little Bit About Me…

Before I jump into more about Zyia Active, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and how I got here. I’ve been in direct sales/network marketing for the past 5 years and truly love this profession. It has given me a vehicle to grow personally and professionally but also help others do the same!

I am also super passionate about health, fitness, nutrition, and helping women feel amazing and inspiring them to take care of themselves. I am a mom to a little boy named Adam, Basset Hound named George and wife to an amazing man Scott that kinda looks like Captain America from Avengers! 🙂

Here’s how I learned about Zyia Active…completely on accident.

I was scrolling Facebook one night and saw a post from my friend Lisa about her loving these cute leggings and me being nosy and super obsessed with activewear, I said what is she up to? I messaged her and she sent me the details.

I hopped on board the next morning with the Starter Kit and once I tried it all on…I was HOOKED! Here’s what I have learned so far. I wear the clothes, I share the clothes. It’s not difficult to share yet it takes time to build up your sales.

What does ZYIA Represent?

We are an active lifestyle brand. We strive to create a culture that fosters embracing activity with excitement, vigor, and delight. We also feel that pushing your body and mind is easier and more fun when done with friends and family. Our mission is to inspire and uplift women by making all types of activity an enjoyable and essential part of life.

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What does it mean to be a ZYIA Active Representative?

Take a look at this informational video which will likely answer many common questions on your mind! I am also here to be a resource and mentor for you as you get your personal business started. Each representative within ZYIA has their own unique approach for what makes a successful business, so there are numerous options and resources as you begin to design yours. Having access to a wonderful discount on your personal activewear and athleisurewear pieces is just one of the many perks of becoming a brand representative! I would love to personally share some of the other benefits that I have experienced including our monthly commissions and incentive rewards!

Feel free to check out my Facebook and Instagram pages as another way to see how I connect virtually with my personal market to share our clothes! You can find me on my social media through the links above!


Thank you for your interest in ZYIA Active! I look forward to connecting personally with you further, and am always happy to answer any questions you might have!

What makes our brand and pieces so unique and special?

Check out these review videos covering some of our most popular legging and bra styles to get a feel for how amazing they are!

Nothing is more motivating for an active and healthy lifestyle than feeling great in your favorite activewear and we have pieces designed thoughtfully for all shapes, sizes, ages, and activity levels! Your friends, family, and daily social connections will be thrilled to discover this fantastic brand and all that it offers them as well!

You cannot beat the versatility, fit, and function of ZYIA Active while still maintaining an affordable and attainable price point.

ZYIA maintains more of a “boutique” type shopping experience as it releases new pieces every Wednesday! This unique business model offers continued excitement and engagement for both you as the representative, as well as your clients who want to keep their athletic and athleisure wardrobe fresh and fun!

Interested in learning more about the amazing compensation plan and perks of being a ZYIA Active Representative?

Remember you don’t have to be a sales or business expert, or have previous experience to be super successful! I will be your personal mentor to help you make a business and marketing plan that fits into your lifestyle organically. Just a little hustle and heart is all it takes to turn this incredible opportunity into something AMAZING!

Getting started is as easy as clicking the button below and selecting your Starter Business Kit Package!