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Skillet Pizza

Skillet Pizza

Pizza is one of those foods we just need to have. 

I’ll tell ya, after years of trying to make pizza in our oven we have finally found a WINNER! 

You will need a cast iron skillet, extra virgin olive oil, one pre-made pizza dough (we get the one that is frozen in a ball), pizza sauce, pizza cheese and any other toppings you like.

THIS part is KEY to having a delicious pizza! Preheat your oven at 450 degrees, while the oven is heating put your skillet in to get hot. 

While oven and skillet are preheating, roll your pizza dough into a circle.

Once the oven is at 450, take the skillet out and place on the stove top, brush a little bit of extra virgin olive oil on the skillet. Then gently and carefully place rolled out dough in skillet. Put the pizza sauce, cheese and topping of choice on and then put in the oven for exactly 20 minutes. I have this down to a science and it comes out nice and crispy.

Remove from the skillet and use your pizza cutter to slice into small slices.

I like to sprinkle with garlic powder, pepper and crushed red peppers. 

We have done cheese pizza, pepperoni, buffalo chicken pizza, steak and cheese pizza, sausage and onion…the possibilities are endless. Enjoy.

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