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How to Construct a Really Delicious Salad!

How to Construct a Really Delicious Salad!

Salads! Love them or hate them? I have a love hate relationship with them. For some reason they taste better when someone else makes them or I buy from the whole foods salad bar! Anyone else have this problem?

But I have found that not limiting my salads to just lettuce and tomatoes helps spice things up. And of course growing my own veggies has really made me love organic, farm fresh!

Here are some of my favorites to making a perfect salad. Choose what you like and put in a giant bowl.

Greens: Mixed spring greens, Romain, or Arugala. Chopped up nice and small because I don’t like eating sticks and giant leaves.

Veggies: Shredded carrots, shredded or roasted beets, shredded purple cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions, pepperoncini, broccoli, celery, corn, cauliflower, roasted asparagus, any veggie you like!

Fruits: Chopped apples, strawberries, dried cranberries, mandarins, beans – putting beans here because higher sugar.

Protein: Grilled chicken, rotisserie chicken, shrimp, tuna, steak, tofu, bacon

Cheeses: Feta, goat, blue cheese, cheddar!

Toppings: Croutons, almonds, walnuts, pecans, plantain chips, tortilla chip strips, olives, whatever you like that adds a little flavor and crunch!

Dressings: I really love Cindy’s Kitchen, Tessemae’s, Drew’s, Brianna’s and Primal Kitchen Brand. These are all a little higher quality and better flavor dressings than your average grocery store dressing. Feel free to make your own too, it is pretty easy!

Here is one of my favorites, it’s a Shallot Vinaigrette. I did the video just for our wellness community Healthy & Clean Living, check it out here:

What are some of your favorites to add to salads?

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