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Eating Healthy on a Budget!

Eating Healthy on a Budget!

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of posts, comments and conversations about eating healthy and how it is expensive!? I don’t agree, sure there are some healthy options that are expensive, but there are also healthy options that are not expensive.

Make a list before you go to the store of what exactly you want and need. From there, get in and get out. Don’t get suckered into buying all the snacks and other unnecessary things that will rack up the bill. I totally understand there are those grocery trips that you need ketchup, laundry detergent and all kinds of other stuff that make the trip a little more expensive but hey we need them. Check out what is on sale at your grocery store or even look at some old school coupons! You don’t have to buy organic or free range anything unless it is within your budget.

(Side note: What is your fave ketchup? We are team Heinz!)

Chicken breast is usually around $5.00 for 2 big breasts, but you can find all kinds of meats on sale every week, a bag of brussels Sprouts is around $3.00. Just those 2 items alone is at least 4 servings for someone my size. Grill the chicken, cut and sauté the Brussels Sprouts and VOILA! Easy peasy.

Eggs are $1.19-$6.00 depending on which one you get, Tunafish is $1.00 a can (yuck), Lettuce is $1.00-3.00 depending on which one you get, rice is around $3.00 for a huge box, bananas are .15 cents a banana, are you seeing a trend? It’s when we put a ton of other junk in the cart where things get unhealthy and expensive!

I prefer to cook in bigger batches other than actually meal prep for days. For some reason when I meal prep I never eat the foods I prep. Cook once and eat it a couple more times after. What are some staple meals in your house? I would love to hear.

If you are looking for quick, easy, healthy meals get in our Healthy & Clean Living Facebook group! I post in there daily. 🙂


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